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CHOBS Organic & Ethics

CHOBS Organic & Ethics
Have you ever taken a serious look at what is inside your usual skin care products? 
If you haven't, now is the time.
The words 'natural ingredient' or 'naturally derived' are not enough to give you confidence if they are not certified. 
Here are some tips of 'Finding genuine Organic & Natural Skincare Products'.


Our Certifications

Organic cosmetics brand CHOBS 24 products have been certified by COSMOS-standard BDIH. Several European natural and organic cosmetics certification bodies (Ecocert, BDIH, ICEA, Cosmebio, soil accociation, etc.) created a group called the COSMOS-standard AISBL, By integrating certification standards. COSMOS-standard, which is one united certification standard, is even more strict than previous other standard.




'CHOBS' specialised in organic cosmetics have been certified by the Vegan Society 

The Vegan Society’s formal definition is: "veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food(meat, dairy, eggs and honey), clothing(leather) or any other purpose.

Thus, Vegan certification must not include any ingredients from animals and is only given to manufacturers who don't carry out animal testing.

CH Harmony Co., Ltd., Korean leading Natural · Organic cosmetics company, has achieved certification to HALAL with UAE ESMA for 22 CHOBS certified products.

The term “Halal’’ means permitted or lawful in Islam, Halal Certification is a recognition given to different products that are permitted to use according to the Islamic law. By acquiring the HALAL certification, it is suitable to export to the Middle East and reach consumers into the local market. Only certain products that meet strict HALAL standards, such as medicines, cosmetics and groceries can acquire the HALAL certification.

Halal certification is accredited by ESMA certification in the United Arab Emirates, Korea Islamic Federation, JAKIM in Malaysia and IFANCA in USA. CHOBS acquired HALAL certification of ESMA UAE for 22 certified products. Thus, It would improve the product reliability with not only COSMOS-BDIH, Vegan but also Halal.
CPNP(Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)
As of July 11, 2013, an online registration system applies to all cosmetic products that are distributed in Europe, providing control and control over cosmetics and ingredients. Applies to 28 countries and EFTA 4 countries. The CPNP registration is a basic duty of the pre-processor and is responsible for registering a cosmetic safety report prepared by the European Safety Evaluation Agency.