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About Us

About CH Harmony [CHOBS Manufacturing company]


CH Harmony is a company that sincerely considers the environment and future of our planet. We will put forth our best effort to become a sustainable company through researching and developing products that will contribute to green growth.




CHOBS, Charm & Health Organic Beauty Shop, is a natural and organic certified skincare line. Since 2006, CH Harmony have researched and developed the best formula for all types of skin - oily, dry, sensitive, combination - using certified organic and natural ingredients. 

 By selling CHOBS skincare products, we encourage domestic farm to grow the best quality of organic plants and help farming industry grow more and more plants. We love nature and we will always help our green land.


The things we promise

  1. No animal testing - We do not sell our products in China
  2. No GMO
  3. No nanomaterials
  4. No irradiation
  5. No harmful ingredients for health and environmental risk


Our Principles

  1. We use blend-planted aroma oils extracted from nature 
  2. We do not use ANY CHEMICAL refinement process
  3. We only use natural emulsifying agents
  4. We use solvents extracted from organic cosmetics ingredients sources