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Skin care routine - 1. Oily, Acne Skin type

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CHOBS Skincare Routine

Suitable skin type : Oily and acne skin

Do you have oily skin and skin trouble like redness, acne, prone?

What you need now is balance your skin and use right natural ingredients to treat your skin.  For example, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients such tea tree, tea tree extract, centella asiatica or zeolite will help you reduce redness and acne. Also, camomile and aloe vera extract have really good soothing effect.

Also, following the each step of skin care routine is very important. 

Now, let's start your basic skin care routine!


1. Clean your hands (Highly Important!)

First step, which most of people just SKIP before starting skincare routine is clean hands. You have countless germs on your hands and you wouldn't mind clean your face with your contagious hands. However, including South Korean girls who want to have flawless skin CLEAN HANDS before starting cleansing step! 


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2. Use cleansing oil / cleansing water to remove your make up (Night Care)

Okay, now you have cleaned hands, then get ready to hair band to fix your hair while cleaning your face. This step is to remove your make up using cleansing oil / cleansing water. If you have acne and redness, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients are highly recommended. It help melt and remove your make up gently.

CHOBS Tea Tree Cleansing Water 140ml contains generous amount of organic tea tree and it reduces redness with superior calming effect. Also, organic lemon leaf extract is well known for helping oily skin. And organic rice bran extract revives fatigue skin and maintain skin balance. Sounds like it is made for your skin!

How do you use cleansing oil / water?

Soak cotton pads with the oil or water and put on your eyes and lips for a minute. And then gently rub to remove make up. And then remove make up from the rest of your face. 

chobs tea tree cleansing water

 chobs tea tree cleansing water

3. Cleanse your face with cleanser.

Once you removed make up with cleansing oil or water, cleanse your face again with a foam cleanser to get rid of residue and impurities. Cleansing is the most important step for Korean girls. And it is the most crucial step for all. The remained impurities cause irritation and it will be absorbed deep in your skin when you apply skincare products on the upcoming steps.

CHOBS Apple Bubble Cleanser - 150ml contains apple water which increases skin elasticity. The organic tea tree extract helps balance your skin and treat your redness and acne. It is highly recommended for oily skin. And generous amount of Geranium extract works for skin conditioning and it nourish and protect your skin layer. This cleanser is very mild and gentle and scientifically formulated to improve your skin condition. Start your day with CHOBS organic and natural certified foam cleanser for your most important skin care routine.

 How to use?

Pump a small amount of cleanser on your cleaned hand and massage onto your face gently. Wash off thoroughly. 

chobs apple bubble cleanser 150ml

4. Wipe out your face with toner.

This step is for two purposes : to check whether residue or impurities are still remained on your face, to moisturise your inner skin lightly. Once you check that your face is properly washed, you are now ready to move on to the next skin care step. 

CHOBS Moringa Toner - 120ml contains generous amount of moringa extract which nourishes your skin. Also, it purifies skin cells and maintains the pH balance by preserving the pH level of the acid mantle on your skin.

chobs moringa toner 120m;


5. Apply serum on your entire face

Now it is time to start treat your skin with selected serum for you. When you choose serum, make sure that the serum is light and water based texture. Because we still have few more cream care steps.  Drop 3-4 drops of serum on your entire face and gently massage to help absorb.

CHOBS Centella Asiatica Serum 30ml is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient and it has a superior effect for soothing and calming irritation, reducing redness and acne-prone. Also, it contains a high amount of skin-repairing antioxidants that help reproduce collagen from your skin layer. It helps cure your skin and fade wrinkles or fine lines. Also, centella asiatica is rich in B Vitamins and it nourishes your skin and helps brighten your skin. For more information about this serum, please Click Here. 

6. Apply Lotion 

Apply lotion to moisture your skin. When you apply lotion, please do not just spread the cream with your palm but pat to help the cream absorb deeply and evenly inside your skin.

CHOBS Moringa Lotion 110ml contains generous amount of organic moringa leaf extract which has amazing soothing and calming effect. It balances your skin and help reduce acne-prone skin. Also, organic aloe very extract is well known for soothing effect and it helps reduce your redness. Organic Lavender extract keep your skin fresh and moisture.


CHOBS moringa lotion 110ml

7. Moisturiser and eye cream (Night Care)

You might think that oily skin type doesn`t need moisturiser. However, it causes inner skin dryness. Oily skin do need moisturising step and it is highly important to find the right moisturiser for you. 

chobs apple aqua moisture cream 50ml

CHOBS Apple Aqua Moisture Cream 50ml  is creamy and light feeling. This moisturiser is for all type of skin. Main ingredients are organic apple water, organic chamomile extract and organic lavender extract. These are the best combination for skin conditioning and moisturising.

So far, we have learned about 7 steps skin care routine for oily and acne-prone skin. A month later, you will have so much clearer skin than now. 100% pure natural ingredients will help your skin glow and clear and you will have skin balanced. 

It will be even more helpful if you have these good habits:

+ Drinking enough water helps your skin clearer and brighten. It helps circulate blood in your body and helps organs work well. Changing your life style is also very important. Start your skincare routine with planning to drink 2 litres of water.

+Clean your hands frequently and try not to touch your face if you habitually touch and squeeze breakout. Make sure to have cleaned hands before cleansing step.

On the next blog, I will introduce extra skin care steps for weekly skin care routine such as sheet masks and peeling lotion!

Thank you for reading and

See you later.... !



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