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How to get the best results from your sheet masks

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What is the most effective way to use a sheet mask?

chobs sheet mask
Are you planning your natural skincare routine for the upcoming season? Why don't you add CHOBS Sheet masks to your new skincare ritual?
Since the weather is getting colder and windy, you might look for some skincare products that focus on the moisturising steps to keep your skins healthy and lively. The next step is to nourish your skin with an abundance of vitamins and minerals to make your skin feel refreshed, brighter and elastic. Performing these two important steps are key to reducing premature aging such as wrinkles, and rejuvenate your skin by increasing it's elasticity. Luckily there is an easy way to get add these steps to your skincare routine, all you need is a SHEET MASK.
South Koreans have been searching for, and developing a number of effective beauty tips for heathy and flawless skin. As generations change, the skincare routine for younger looking, healthier and fresher skin has evolved. One thing that has always formed the core of any skincare routine, and become a favourite of many is – “Sheet face mask time”.
Why? – Because it is simple, affordable and has immediate effects.
Each sheet mask contains the same generous amount of serum or essence as one little bottles. And when our skin is exposed to harsh weather or pollution, sheet masks are perfect to balance and recover your skin quickly.
So, let’s have a look through main questions about sheet masks.
chobs collagen mask

Q1. What is Sheet Mask?

Sheet mask, also called a tissue mask or mask pack (in S. Korea) is a type of mask which is a face-shaped sheet.  It is originated in South Korea and is one of the key K-beauty skincare rituals. It is soaked in highly concentrated serum or essence. The sheet helps your skin absorb all the nutrients in the serum or essence very quickly. In just 20-30 minutes it lets the ingredients remain on your skin to be absorbed while you wear the mask.
chobs sheet mask
*CHOBS sheet mask is made of Tencel which is material from tree and environmentally friendly.

Q2. How can I use the sheet mask?

Here is the most effective way to use sheet masks that Korean girls love to share.
Firstly, wash your face and get rid of all make-up and impurities on your skin. If you have already read my previous blog, you should remember what preparation to do before washing your face. Yes – wash your hands and remove germs from your hands. Simply, get ready by making your hands as clean as possible before touching your face.
Secondly, rinse a flannel under with hand-hot water and gently wring it out.  And the, put it on your face for 30-60seconds to open your pores. Or if you prefer, using a sheet mask after shower is also fine - then you can simply skip this step. This step helps your skin absorb nutrition more easily.
Next, use a detox mask or exfoliator to remove toxins, residues, dead skin cells or sebum. This step helps your skin to have the best condition before applying sheet masks.
This peeling lotion is a mild and gentle exfoliator and suitable for all type of skin. All natural derived ingredients, mainly aloe vera, it removes impurities, dead skin cells and toxins effectively.
Once you finished the exfoliating or detox mask time, apply toner to your skin and wipe with cotton wool following your skin texture.
Finally, apply the sheet mask on your face. Make sure to keep to the time written on the instructions. Some of you might like to use them for long time, but be careful not to leave them on too long. Once sheet starts to dry up, it will re-absorb the serum and essence back from your skin, reducing the effectiveness. After you take off the sheet mask, gently pat and massage your face to help the ingredients penetrate deep into your skin.

Q3. Should I wash after taking off the mask?

No, you should leave your skin to be nourished and moisturised by the serum/essence. Generally, sheet mask time is recommended as night skincare routine so you can leave the skin to absorb all the goodness and feel your skin moisturised and glowing the next morning!

Q4. How often do I have sheet mask time?

It depends on your skin condition. You can apply the mask daily or 2-3 days a week. If you have troubled skin such as acne-prone, using 2-3 times a week is recommended.

Q5. What sheet mask is right for my skin?

Basically, the ingredients will penetrate deep into your skin very quickly and they will remain in your skin for a while. Pure natural and organic ingredients are highly recommended to have healthy skin. Avoid chemical preservatives such as parabens and phenoxyethanol.
CHOBS has six types of mask and each has a different effect. For example, the Aloe Vera mask has an excellent soothing effect, the Lemon mask has a brightening effect and the Rose mask has  an anti-ageing effect. If you have sensitive skin and do not want any natural essential oils, our collagen mask is recommended. It is fragrance free and the collagen is derived from soy bean - making it vegan friendly! Finally, the rice bran mask works well on oily skin.

CHOBS sheet masks, like all our products are certified natural and organic. They are all vegan friendly and we DO NOT DO ANY ANIMAL TESTING. Using ethically sourced, healthy, clean ingredients they will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and feeling of wellbeing with glowing skin.

I hope you find this blog helpful when planning your new skincare ritual. 
Sonny xx

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