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All about Korean sheet mask - Prologue

Koco republic


I remember that I always went to a little cosmetic shop to buy sheet masks with my grandmother and mum. As soon as I arrived, I was so busy browsing and selecting bunch of colourful packs of masks. 'Wow, brightening effect!' 'Wow, anti-aging effect and moisturising effect!" It was so hard to choose because I felt like they needed all those effects.  

This was nearly 15 years ago and my grandmother and mum still love to use the sheet masks regularly. It is not just for young people who just want to try with curiosity and take selfies for Instagram.

Sheet masks are necessary items for S.Koreans. And I can dare say that it is one of the main reasons why S.Korean women's skin look so glow and less wrinkles. We care about our skin and we are fond of having pamper time after crazy working hours to treat ourselves.

When I studied at University in England, most of my female colleagues (and some guys) from S.Korea and China stored some sheet masks in their cabinets. Me? Of course did. I was worried about skin reaction due to sudden change of environment. Using water in different country was the biggest thing that I was worried about because my skin reacts very quickly and easily. 

Recently, I heard that western people started to use sheet masks so I was so glad that all of use can share amazing beauty tips! I saw sheet masks in Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Boots, Superdrug.. It was so amazing! Guess what I checked first? Manufacturers! More than 90% of sheet masks are being made in S.Korea no matter the brand is American brand or British brand. It means, companies here started to make sheet masks under their own brand name. Which I feel good about that since we have a lot of experience and high technologies to make them!

On the next posting, I will make Q&A session.

So, see you on the next post!




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  • Many thanks for my sheet masks which arrived safely today. I am so excited to try the different ones. Thank you also for the 1 extra will be trying that one first.
    Many thanks
    Rosemary UK. X

    Rosemary Reed

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